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7 Off-the-beat Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss When Visiting New York

New York – one of the most amazing cities in the entire world. Everyone dreams of getting the chance to visit New York one day. And when that day finally arrives, you want it to make it an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience. Most tourists, when planning their visit to New York, they schedule their entire time there with visits to museums and famous monuments, and, while doing that, they seem to overlook that the magic of this city lies in its crowded streets and mysterious vibe it embodies. Get to experience the real deal of the city that never sleeps!

Stroll Around New York’s Streets and Discover Its History

The best way to experience the city genuinely is by foot. Therefore, step away from the bus or taxi cab, get off the beaten track and uncover New York’s uniqueness in your own way. As you stroll around New York’s crowded streets, you will notice the odd presence of cemeteries right in the center of Manhattan. By discovering these graveyards, you find out about the history of this authentic city. For instance, First Shearith Israel Cemetery, located in present day Chinatown, embodies the oldest surviving Jewish graveyard in New York City. Several individuals, as well as veterans of the American Revolution were buried in this cemetery; this way, you can understand that this is an important historical component of the city.

Cemetery New York Wall Street

Cemetery New York Wall Street

Green Wood Cemetery located in Brooklyn is often an overlooked attraction when visiting the city. It was considered to be the largest cemetery in the entire world at the end of the 19th century, being the resting place for a number of important New Yorkers varying from local artists to politicians. Strolling around its pavements will help you get acquainted with a little piece of this place’s history, while at the same time getting to enjoy a majestic view over Brooklyn and the imposing Manhattan.

Discover the Underneath of New York Public Library

The New York Public Library is a hidden gem of the city. As it was partially destroyed in the late 19th century, it is amazing how the underneath of the library was preserved. Moreover, if you are an avid reader, you might find it interesting to know that this was Edgar Allen Poe’s favorite spot to stroll around. So, by visiting this place, you will somehow follow his steps.

New York Public Library

New York Public Library

Discover the Historic Buildings in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Be amazed at the historic buildings in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, located in Brooklyn. This neighborhood is largely composed of Caribbean population. However, recently, this aspect has changed, as numerous white people begun to move in too! Get to observe the particularities and the distinct architecture the buildings present and to experiment the real feel of the neighborhood. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Prospect Lefferts Gardens – Image source:

Visit New York’s Rooftop Farms

So, this is something you might not have heard of before! As a result of lack of space, New Yorkers have come up with this innovative and interesting solution! I’m not talking about the regular rooftop tiny flower gardens, but about genuine farms which can stand for new urban agriculture! These farms are great to visit, as you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city, while at the same time taking part in tours, classes in urban farming or fresh product sale. A couple of rooftop farms you could visit are: Eagle Street Farm, Riverpark Farm, Gotham Greens and Brooklyn Grange.

Track Down Salmagundi Club

Uncover New York’s exquisite art by tracking down Salmagundi Club! It can be accounted for one of the oldest art organizations in the United States, being founded in 1871. Members of Salmagundi Club include acclaimed artists such as William Merritt Chase, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Howard Pyle and Augustus Saint-Gaudens. It hosts over 1500 art works, and it consists of pieces of art conveying the real spirit and magic of the American Culture.

Salmagundi Club

Salmagundi Club – Image source:

Get Acquainted with The Little Italy in the Bronx

Care to get acquainted with New York’s little Italy? Take off to Bronx then. This is not as popular as the one located in Manhattan, but is actually the real deal if you do wish to experiment the Italian cuisine at its best.

Care to venture and get to know a different side of the city? Bronx’s Little Italy has its personal unique character and you can actually sense the Italian feel of the place as you explore its streets. Be sure not to eat before coming here, as the place is packed with a bunch of amazing restaurants that will give you samples of exquisite Italian recipes.

Experience the real taste of an Italian espresso at Café al Mercanto, and make sure to visit Terranova Bakery in order to taste the #1-rated bread in NYC!

Little Italy Bronx

Little Italy Bronx – Image source:

Also, you can go to Mario’s. This is one of the oldest restaurants around Bronx, having been run by the Miglucci family since 1919. Here, you can taste the freshness of the Italian cuisine and experiment an exuberant atmosphere. In order to feel the charm of the place, I recommend you to visit it during the week, as in the weekends it is fully packed.

Discover New York’s Unique Street Art

If you’re coming to NYC, under no circumstances should you miss a visit to Bushwick! Here, New York’s unique Street Art is at anyone’s reach to observe! You should know that NYC’s street art is one of the most significant parts that build up the authenticity of the city, being the perfect place to observe the development of postmodern street art. This manifestation is a 21st-century form of art and it is amazing to discover its development. In this view, Bushwick has become quite a popular tourist destination when it comes to postmodern artists that care to unravel the art and various uses of graffiti.

Bushwick Unique Street Art

Bushwick Unique Street Art – Image source:

Bushwick embodies an industrial, unique vibe and you’ll have plenty to photograph here, especially if you are an art enthusiast!

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