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A Guide to New York’s Rooftop Bars

Of all the cities in the world to enjoy a few drinks atop a rooftop bar, New York City has to be one of the best. There is something about this city – the energy of it, the people and of course the incredible views that just lend itself so well to these New York’s rooftop bars and clubs that seem to populate the city.

New York's Rooftop Bars

New York’s Rooftop Bars

And it’s no surprise, I mean, sipping a cocktail or a beer on a trendy rooftop, whilst enjoying views over the Manhattan skyline is something purely magical – and something much more memorable than sitting in some basement bar with no windows!

There are loads of great options out there too – whether you want some cheap and cheerful drinks in a boutique bar – or whether you fancy sipping on expensive cocktails in a luxurious setting. NYC has it all.

Here are my top New York’s rooftop bars recommendations:

Ava Lounge

For something kind of special, this place is perfect for any special occasion or if you simply want to treat yourself. Ripped jeans and shorts won’t cut it though – this is a fancy place and your clothes should be fancy too.

AVA Lounge New York City

AVA Lounge New York City

Bar 13

This place is great for people who fancy a little bit of a bargain and who want to party the night away. The prices are cheap and you can dance the night away with the resident DJ who’ll be playing tracks all night. This place is popular with NYC students.

Martini Bar at the Met

Great for enjoying the views of Central Park and Manhattan, this place is perfect for those who love sipping on a cocktail and enjoying a peaceful and beautiful sunset over the big apple.

Empire Hotel Rooftop

Famous for it’s parties on holidays like Independence day, this bar is a seriously great place to relax and enjoy the evening. Unlike some of the other bars on this list, there is also much more space on offer here – so you won’t feel crammed in either. Great for relaxing with a cold drink on a summer’s night.

Empire Hotel Rooftop

Empire Hotel Rooftop

Glass Bar at Hotel Indigo

The glass bar is a bit of a spectacle as well as a great place to enjoy a drink. The walls are beautiful glass and the whole place oozes a sense of luxury and class. It’s a great place to bring anyone you’re trying to impress – that’s for sure! It is a little pricier than other options on the list – but don’t let that put you off!

Pine Bar and Grill

A little less exclusive than some of the bars on this list, this choice is refreshingly unpretentious. The restaurant is three floors, and at the top you’ll find a palm lined roof garden perfect for a few post-dinner drinks. I can’t think of anything nicer than that!

Berry Park

Located in Brooklyn – you’ll get a phenomenal view of the Manhattan skyline from here. You might even be too mesmerized to drink your drinks it’s that gorgeous up there! This place is pretty down to earth and has a nice casual vibe – so it’s a lovely place to catch up with friends.

Brooklyn Bridge & Berries

Brooklyn Bridge & Berries

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