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How to Party Like a New Yorker on a Budget

If you’re planning a visit to New York City, you most certainly want to get to party like a real New Yorker and get to experience the night life of the city that never sleeps. However, you might not have a large amount of cash at your disposal in order to do everything you might wish to do. Don’t worry! You can experiment the real feel of the city even if you’re on a budget! New York has it all!

Holiday Cocktail Lounge

Dating since the 1920’s, Holiday Cocktail Lounge ( is one of the most beloved and fashionable places in New York that used to be a meeting point for artists and creative personalities. The music is loud; people are laughing and having a blast! Order the $5 Genesees and enjoy the city!

Holiday Cocktail Lounge NYC

Holiday Cocktail Lounge NYC – Image source:

Bossa Nova Civic Club

This tropical fantasy dance club has set itself apart from the rest of the clubs as it presents an authentic, one of a kind atmosphere, great music and lively dancing! The drinks are amazingly cheap, so you can actually afford to get busted. So, if it happens you are keen on dancing and want to enjoy yourself on a budget, do take Bossa Nova Civic Club ( into account, and give it a shot!

Bossa Nova Civic Club

Bossa Nova Civic Club – Image source:


Care to get buzzed for $12? Hidden in Brooklyn, come here and enjoy a great range of drinks while having a delicious meal. Get to experiment the real feel of a New York evening with delicious food and nice service. The rustic wood and the delightful setting create a dark, romantic vibe. The happy hours to this local are utterly ridiculously cheap: combine some booze with a burger for less than $10. They offer quality cocktails, but you can also get a beer if you don’t fancy mix drinks. Hospitality is also a main feature to this place, they make you feel welcome! If you feel this style is suitable to your taste, keep in mind to visit Alamena ( – great food and wide range of drinks!

Alameda - Greenpoint - Brooklyn, NY

Alameda – Greenpoint – Brooklyn, NY – Image source:

Corner Bistro

Care to enjoy the real taste of the legendary American burger? The Corner Bistro Burger ( is waiting for you to get it for only $6.75, and also don’t forget that extra plate of fries for $2.50. Who says you have to pay a fortune to eat out? Not in New York. Taste the life of a real New Yorker and discover the taste of the American Burger while enjoying a delightful and authentic atmosphere. Also, drink plenty of beer as it’s equally cheap. If you’re not a big fan of beef, the chicken sandwich is also extremely tasty. Prepare yourself to stay in line! But, who cares? As long as you get your full meal for under $10, that’s ok.

Corner Bistro New York

Corner Bistro New York – Image source:

The Commodore

The Commodore is a restaurant-bar mix, offering an authentic New York eating experience on a budget. Here, you can drink endless beers and eat crispy fatty food that is certainly not healthy. But who thinks about their diet when they visit NYC? Do come to The Commodore and satisfy your thirst for beer and crispy fried stuff. You can also get yourself a salad, but why would you?

Smalls – Live Jazz

If you are a jazz aficionado, New York is filled with places where you can hear great live music, while enjoying a drink or a delicious meal. So, if you do want to experiment an authentic jazz experience instead of going to a run-of-the mill club, Smalls Jazz Club NYC ( is just the perfect choice for you. Located in a basement, the first vibe you get is that of retro speakeasy, dating for the first days of jazz. It functions as a door that allows you to go back in time. You will get the chance to hear a variety of jazz artists, ranging from legendary jazz artists to contemporary ones. The entrance fee is only $20, and during weekends, the first drink is included in that fee.

Smalls Jazz Club NY

Smalls Jazz Club NY – Image source:


This darkish, mysterious KGB Bar ( hidden on the second floor of communist building provides you with affordable beer and whiskey provisions, and an authentic atmosphere! Are you an avid reader? Benefit from its free readings, which bring back New York’s literary spirit, while also enjoying a drink of course!



Barbes Bar

Enjoy the French vibe of Barbes bar ( and its authentic feel! Besides being cozy and having a delightful ambience, Barbes hosts a lot of live music shows of diverse genres, and it’s always packed. It costs you a feeble sum to get in – $10, and you will get the chance to listen to live music; here, you can come across indie rock, progressive jazz, French mussete etc. So, write Barbes bar down your list, and be sure to give it a visit; it is a low cost and delightful experience!

Barbes Bar Brooklyn NYC

Barbes Bar Brooklyn NYC – Image source:

The Stone

If you love music greatly and you wish to encounter its unique and transcendent features, and you are short on cash, The Stone is a must. With a $10 entrance fee, enter the world of New York music and be the spectator to the postmodern avant-garde scene. Here, you can just stay and breathe in music in its raw form. There is no bar or phone, just the music and its innovative artists. Keep calm and let it ignite you!

55 Bar

Are you an artist want to-be? 55 Bar ( is just perfect for you, as it’s the place for poets, painters and avant-garde musicians. This place hosts music shows every night, ranging from jazz to fusion grooves. And if you get lucky, you might even get the chance to listen to jazz living legend Mike Stern. A minimum of two drinks is required. However, you shouldn’t worry; the bartenders do know how to mix a drink. Keep in mind that early-arrivers at 6-7 pm can enter free of charge, while normally the entrance fee costs $10-15, so money should not hinder you from experimenting a great New York music show. A visit to 55 Bar is utterly necessary if you plan on visiting New York.


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