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New York City Essential Guide

Best NYC Travel Guides for Tourists

If you were unfamiliar and your first time in New York City, you might be considering the services of a tour guide to get around, avoid trouble places, discover unusual spots and explore the most interesting destinations for eating, entertainment and sightseeing.



But if your budget does not fit the idea, worry no more because you can still get the most out of your vacation by getting one of these NYC travel guides in which some feature maps, things to do, ways to get around the city, usual places to see and the best parks, museums and restaurants in the Big Apple, to name a few.

Lonely Planet New York City (Travel Guide)

Co-authored by Cristian Bonetto, Brandon Presser and Carolina A. Miranda, it is your passport to the most relevant and updated travel advice about the most interesting sights to discover and to experience, including a kaleidoscopic dining place and the historical Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Inside this travel guide, you’ll see full-color images and maps and itineraries for tailoring your trip according to your interest and personal preference. What’s more? It gives you insider tips on saving money and time as well as ideas for getting around while avoiding trouble spots and big crowds. It also comes with honest reviews on sleeping, eating, sightseeing and shopping!

Fodor’s New York City 2015 (Full-color Travel Guide)

Authored by the Fodor guides, this book covers the best hotels and restaurants in Manhattan and features magazine style, full-color illustrations of the city’s best landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Good book lots of good information. I would recommend it.

Secret New York – An Unusual Guide: Local Guides By Local People

Authored by T. M. Rives, this is your guide for discover the hidden treasures of the city, as it features an opportunity for you to peer into the city’s awesome past and present. If you think you already knew everything about the Big Apple, think again because this book might surprise you! It features lots of hidden places that not many people know about and includes information about an Indian underground burial, secrets to unlock old riddles found on tombstones and details to observe the planets and stars, among others.

If you love The Big Apple, this is a book that should be on your bookshelf

DK Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guide: New York City

Written by E. Berman, it leads you to the best things that the NYC has in store for every traveler, including top 10 sights and best nightspots, along with dozens of lists of the top 10 events, museums and festivals, among others. Here, you can also find insider knowledge to fit every explorer of all budgets in exploring every corner of New York. Bonus: It comes with a free pull-out map, too.

Lots of guides to places to visit, restaurants, Hotels, etc. Everything is arranged in different sections of NYC. Can’t wait to go!

The Rough Guide to New York City (9th Edition)

Authored by Martin Dunford and Jack Holland, this book is said to be one of the most useful and complete reference to the world’s greatest city, making it a remarkable, handy book for tourists in NYC. It also covers the city’s best museums and sites and listings of the best spots for dining and entertainment.

AWESOME book! Now I only wish I had a month in New York instead of a week


Knowing Where You’re Going: New York City (The Ultimate New York City Travel Guide with Neighborhood Maps)

Created by James C. Schmitt, this book features the colorful, bustling city through an innovative approach to discovering it. This guide covers the Manhattan neighborhood in detailed maps with key streets, places to find local dining, shopping and nightlife and information on seasonal events and city attractions. Reviews reveal that this book is easy to read and simple in presentation. For first time travelers, it also offers useful info on traveling around by cab, bus, car, subway and on foot.

Frommer’s Easy Guide to New York City 2014

Authored by Pauline Frommerr, this 256-page book sells lower than others in the same category, but it is packed with easy-to-digest travel information every traveler needs while focusing on experiences in each destination. It also features top attractions and ideas on how to get to a specific place, including dining spots.

AIA Guide to New York City

Co-authored by Elliot Willensky, Norval White and Fran Leadon, this travel guide book is an excellent choice in terms of reference with focus on city architecture and places to see. It also includes details of historic landmarks, churches and firehouses, to name some and explains about the boroughs in a clear, detailed manner being each divided into sectors, which are then divided into communities.

New York City Essential Guide: Best NYC Travel Guide for Tourists

Edited by Jeffrey Tanenhaus, this Kindle edition guide comes in handy when planning your trip to NYC because it features 200 attractions, which include dining spots and museums. It offers information on how to save time and money, eat the best pizza and burgers, visit museums for free, master the subway and understand the city’s geography and includes handpicked landmarks, classic bars, green parks and great neighborhoods.

The Best Things to Do in New York City: 1001 Ideas

Co-authored by Jacob Lehman and Caitlin Leffel to discuss about their own NY experience, with contributions from local expert guides, this is a highly rated book on Amazon that features awesome, unique ideas on how to treat yourself, your friends and your guests. Some suggested places include the abandoned city hall subway and the World Bar, where to find the most expensive cocktail.

New York: For Tourists! – The Traveler’s Guide to Make The Most Out of Your Trip to New York – Where to Go, Eat, Sleep & Party

This Kindle book by Dagny Taggart offers you a complete look at the Big Apple, including its most beautiful regions, best places to eat, party and sleep and ideas on how to get around without getting lost and features travel tips on how to make the most out of your NY trip.

Above are only some of the best New York travel/guide books for every traveler to start selecting from based on the features, such as maps, illustrations and travel information about best spots for museums, parks and restaurants that you are looking for.

Nevertheless, discovering, getting around and exploring this amazing city are so easier, more exciting and fun with a handy guide you can always rely on.

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