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OMG! I never knew that about New York

New York, being the 27th most extensive and 4th most populous state of US, is one of the best regions of US. The New York State is also the 7th most densely populated state of the US. The New York City is the largest city of the state. It is also the most populated city of the US. Other than the known national and international importance of the state, there are many things you would have never known about New York:

  1. During the 19th century, the city’s primary sanitation system was the roaming of the pigs feeding on the litters. Not fair!
  2. More than 800 languages are spoken in the city, ranking it first in the list of linguistically diverse cities. Amazing!
  3. Washington Square Park was originally built as a graveyard for yellow fever victims and a place for giving punishment in front of public. About 20 thousand human dead bodies have been buried there.
  4. It’s difficult to count all the restaurants of the city. Even if you visit a new hotel every day for 12 years, you still wouldn’t have gone to all. A dream for all the foodies. Be prepared to get taste of new tasty food items.
  5. Brooklyn was a battlefield during Battle of Long Island, where US received the worst loss during Revolutionary War. This loss caused huge impacts on the US.
  6. The real meaning of Manhattan in Lenape is ‘Island of the Hills’. It is a wonderful place to go, a cool place to hang out.
  7. Peter Minuit bought the southernmost part of Manhattan from native Americans in price lower than 1000$. Try asking rates now and see the results!
  8. Over 15 % of the city is under the greenery (forest + parks) i.e. approximately 29,000 acres. Go green, reduce pollution.
  9. The city also sports 14 miles of beaches. It is cool to hang out whenever you get a mood. What a beach!
  10. Philippe Petit walked over a rope at a height about 1368 feet above the ground between the World Trade Center towers, and the strangest part about it that he completed this feat 8 times.
  11. The amount of gunpowder used to clean the city for building Central Park was more than that used during the Battle of Gettysburg. We used to think that battles were a waste, now we know the reality.
  12. More than 40 % of the present New York population took birth outside the US. Lot of immigrants. For what they came and shifted permanently?
  13. It was suggested to rename NYC to Brimaquonx, a portmanteau joining names of all 5 borough.
  14. After Brooklyn Bridge was made, the public was afraid of walking through it. Hence, in order to convince them of the strength, P.T. Barnum led 21 elephants across the bridge. Why 21, anyone?
  15. During the years 1980-2000, about 2000 fire hydrants failed to work.
  16. The famous Bronxwas founded by Jonas Bronck in 1636, and that too, as a farmland.
  17. There is a necessity to clear the auditions every year and be recognized officially by MTA to be able to perform on the subway. Be professional to succeed.
  18. The subway of the city is longer than the New York State thruway with about 34 lines and 468 fuel stations. Keep walking along the galaxy!
  19. The audience at Times Square ball leaves behind about 50 tons of trash. No manners at all!
  20. The city’s Federal Reserve Bank is the world’s largest vault for monetary gold. Can you lend me some?
  21. The city contributes more than 31$ billion in the city’s economy. Cool!
  22. The reason for New York cabs to be yellow is that – In 1907, a salesman suggested that yellow is the color that can be seen from the farthest. Where the hell was VIBGYOR concept then?
  23. NYC holds the maximum population of Jewish people after Israel. It is so Jewish!
  24. It was the first day recorded in the city, Nov 28, 2012, where not even a single case (of murder, theft, etc.) was recorded. The White Day!
  25. A wind tunnel across the Flat Iron building is so powerful that it can raise woman’s skirts. And hence, being the popular place for men. Don’t be a pervert please. Women should be given equal respect and treated well.
  26. After every 4.4 minutes, there is a new born baby in the city. Baby’s Day Out.
  27. After every 9.1 minutes, someone dies in the city. Die Hard!
  28. It has the largest population of Chinese outside the Asia. Try to learn Chinese and make plenty of friends here.
  29. PONY is the abbreviated term for Product of New York.
  30. Out of all the cigarettes being sold in NYC, about 60 % of those are brought in illegally. Smoker rules, NOT.
  31. The number of graduates and undergraduates outnumber the population of Boston. So much studious people out there. Why not me?
  32. There is a unique zip code for the Empire State. I need one for my house too, LOL.
  33. The eyeballs of Einstein are kept safe in a vault in the city. What’s the use?
  34. If Texas was as densely populated as NYC, the whole world’s population would have been fitted there. I wonder why the hell people looking to search life on Mars then.
  35. A 9 feet wide house is the narrowest one in NYC.
  36. If you decide to take cab from NYC for LA, you would have to pay $17,000. OMG, It is too much!
  37. Between 36th and 37th streets on Park Avenue, there is a big 150 feet deep hole. Strange!
  38. The cost of pizza and a ride on the subway are still the same as they were 50 years ago. Enjoy!
  39. Ending by the naughtiest, it is completely legal to walk around the NYC topless. Wow!

What would you add to the list?

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