Bronx Zoo: Enjoying Wildlife in Various Species

The Bronx Zoo is situated at Bronx which is a borough of New York City is the world’s largest metropolitan zoo. The area is comprised of 265 acres of park lands which are natural habitats for animals through which the Bronx River flows. It has an approximated 6,000 animals with 650 different species. Most of these animals are amongst the threatened or endangered species in the world. This place was originally owned by Fordham University and later was sold to New York City.

The Best of Bronx Zoo
For adult and kids alike, the Bronx Zoo offers the best leisure time as well as providing vast knowledge on wildlife and animals of different species. There are various attractions and exhibits which are offered to visitors including World of Bids, Wild Asia Monorail, Tiger Mountain, Madagascar, Zoo Center, World of Monkeys and a whole lot more which are offered for free. There are also paid attractions like the zoo shuttle, Congo Gorilla Forest, Butterfly Garden, Bug Carousel, Wild Asia Monorail, 4-D Theater, among others. The zoo likewise becomes an animal conservation through its breeding program.
Visiting the Bronx Zoo would provide visitors with a unique experience in encountering wildlife and various animal species including endangered ones. This will also give them the opportunity to bond with family or friends while personally learning more about connecting with nature.

Category: Attractions
Address: City Hall Park Path
Time: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
Phone: +1 718-367-1010
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