Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery: Makes You Remember Mom’s Caring Delicacies

Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery is one of the ideal sites at Lafayette Street corner Great Jones Street for food lovers. Feast on its killer breakfast while enjoying a sumptuous lunch and taking some time for a relaxing dinner. If you are dropping by for some snack time, you will greatly enjoy lots of options where your tummies can’t resist taking in.

Lots of Delightful Options Available
• Savor the best of Mediterranean cooking from a range of huge options available.
• Get a delightful taste of yogurt rubs elbows with braised rabbit pasta, roasted octopus with chickpea, or wood grilled local trout with cabbage and mustard sauce.
• Flavorful desserts are also popular which includes fresh thymes and bubbles, fromage blanc cheesecake with warm poached cranberries or orange soufflé with Earl Grey crème anglaise.
• Enjoy a cup of coffee and variety of burgers to ease a busy afternoon. You can also have lots of options for wines and drinks to pass the night away.

The Place Nearest To Your Home
The ambiance of the place will make you cozy and comfortable like the atmosphere of your home. The window-walled bistro offers the most luxurious ambiance along with amicable music to relax your day.

There is no place that offers both exquisite cuisines and friendly ambiance than Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery! Schedule a meal out with your family or friends and enjoy supreme Mediterranean cuisines right at the heart of New York City!

Category: Eat & Dine
Address: 380 Lafayette Street, New York
Time: 12:00 – 3:30 pm, 5:30 pm – 12:00 am
Phone: +1 212-533-3000
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