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Things to Do in New York City This Fall

As the US unofficial capital, millions of fascinated tourists flock to New York City each year to marvel at everything the Big Apple has to offer. With its unmistakable vibrant atmosphere and energy, NYC has emerged in the world as a one of a kind city, one that is arguably more recognizable than Washington, DC. As visitors weave in and out of bumper to bumper traffic, blending seamlessly into the bustling concrete jungle, they’ll be welcomed by an unending sea of local cafes, restaurants, high-end fashion boutiques, and your occasional street show. When you consider New York’s impressive size, paired with the countless things that you could possibly do, planning a trip to this behemoth of a city can seem like an overwhelming task.

Luckily, we’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of things you can do, places to eat, and sightseeing locations for this fall in New York City.

Sightseeing Spots

The Empire State Building is a world famous spot that has been around NYC for decades. Head up to the observation deck on the 86th floor to catch some breathtaking views.

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest roadway bridges in the states and is another famous NYC icon that is an absolute must-see for tourists. Cyclists, runners, and pedestrians have access to the bridge and from the historic landmark, bypassers are able to see East River and NYC in all its glory.

Take a stroll through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. During this time of the year, visitors find themselves absolutely mesmerized by the gorgeous fall foliage.

Central Park is a green paradise in the midst of an urban jungle. Take a stroll to admire Central Park’s beautiful views, which are only enhanced because of the autumn season.

Governor’s Island is only a ferry ride away from the city. Visit Governor’s Island for an invigorating bike ride and fantastic views of lower Manhattan’s skyline.


Dana’s Bakery in the Gansevoort Market dishes out traditional French macarons with an American twist. With a large array of flavors that range from Cotton candy to birthday cake to even pink lemonade, these colorful treats make the perfect souvenir.

DRINK, located inside the flagship American Eagle store in Times Square on 46th St. and Broadway, is the US’ very first non-alcoholic beverage bar. Here, customers are able to take a sip of some of the most unique beverages you will find in America. Their most famous drink, the Pegasus, is a magical, colorful milk-based concoction that is topped with whipped cream, sprinkles, glitter, and marshmallows. (There’s a 99.9% that you’ve already seen the Pegasus on your Instagram feed.) In addition to serving edible magic, DRINK also features 22 other small beverage entrepreneurs.

Avocaderia is exactly what it sounds like. This Brooklyn-based spot claims to be the world’s first avocado bar, offering patrons into their wide variety of avocado toasts, smoothies, salads, bowls, and specials (which change every month.) To keep things interesting, the restaurant switches out menus in accordance with the changing seasons.

The Redeye Grill on 7th Avenue between 56th and 57th is home to the sushi burger, a wonderful Asian-American fusion dish. The burger is comprised of a rice bun that holds spicy yellow fin tuna, which is topped off with seaweed salad, watermelon radish, ginger, and avocado. If you’re willing to try any wacky mash-up dishes while you’re in the Big Apple, definitely go for the sushi burger.

The Mandoo Bar in K-town is recognizable by its large, street-facing window, where pedestrians can see the restaurant’s staff carefully creating delectable Korean dumplings. Mandu is the Korean word for dumpling, and the Mandoo Bar dishes out some of the best Korean dumplings in K-town. At this small, but comfortable spot, diners can have their dumplings boiled, pan-fried, and served in broth; the restaurant even has dumpling options that are vegetarian-friendly. If you ever go here, definitely try the kimchi mandu and the bulgogi dolsot bibimbob; you won’t regret it.

Things to do

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is reaching its 91st year. At this festive parade, hundreds of people gather to admire the different holiday-themed sights and sounds. The parade starts at W 77th St and Central Park West.

Let’s be honest; exploring all of NYC is nearly impossible unless you’re planning on staying for a while and all the traveling can get pretty expensive. The Panorama of the City of New York makes seeing the city a lot easier, as visitors are able to check out this 9,335-square-foot model of New York without having to actually cover all of NYC on foot.

Bldg 92 is a museum located in a former military residence on the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Here, you can learn about the history of this former shipbuilding center that built a large number of military vessels such as the historic USS Arizona and the USS Monitor.

Snug Harbor Cultural Center can be found on Staten Island, a ferry ride away from the rest of the city. Spanning 83 acres, the Snug Harbor Cultural Center features a lovely botanical garden and a cultural center. Cobblestone roads and Victorian and Tudor homes can be seen within the garden’s vicinity.

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