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Top 10 Things To Do With Kids In NYC

With a plenty things to do with kids in NYC, it is one of the best places in the world to bring your children. From bright lights to toy shops, towering skyscrapers to playfields, there are plenty of exciting things to do with kids. To top it all, you can take your little ones to iconic attractions and let them enjoy a range of science and art exhibits hosted  throughout the year. Fun things to do with kids are sure to dazzle you here in the Big Apple.

Things To Do With Children In NYC

Things To Do With Children In NYC

Here are the top 10 things to do with your kids in NYC:

#1    Broadway Shows

Broadway shows are a not-to-miss attraction New York as they delight and enrich kids in equal measures. Your little ones are sure to enjoy the performances. These shows will have something for the whole family to feel mesmerized!

#2    Central Park

This iconic park is vast and full of exciting and funs things for the whole family to do. Your kids can enjoy the beautiful scenery, take a stroll, laze on the soft grass and enjoy a picnic. A guided biking tour and 21 playgrounds will keep the little ones occupied for hours.

#3    American Museum of Natural History

This museum is an absolute gem for kids in NYC  filled with the wonders of nature from across the globe. The list of attractions include 45 exhibit halls, a huge dinosaur skeleton, a dynamic earth globe, dioramas and much more.

#4    New York Hall of Science

Hundreds of interactive exhibits and activities keep little ones occupied and entertained for hours. From light displays, the outer space exhibit and 3-D printing shows, it makes science  cool! Learning is redefined at this big Science Playground and Rocket Park.

#5   New York Aquarium

An up-close look at the diversity of East River species will delight your kids for sure. Major attractions include the sea lion show, feeding the sea lions, sea otters, penguins, seals and walruses.

#6    Statue of Liberty

Take your kids to this famous landmark and increase their knowledge of New York history. Make the whole family climb to the top of the statue and get mesmerizing views of the city. Click some photos and return back with loads of cherished memories.

#7    Bronx Zoo

When in NYC with kids, don’t miss out on the largest urban zoo in the world. It features more than 600 animal species and  offers world-class displays. Give your kid quality time with their favorite animals.

#8    Empire State Building

Take your kids to this iconic building which literally serves as a telescope for NYC, provided you got up to the 86th floor for the view. The observation deck of this 102-storey masterpiece gives amazing views of the city and keeps guests thrilled.

#9    McCarren Park

This family-friendly park in New York City is a delightful place to be. Kids here can enjoy a lot of things including baseball, football, soccer fields, tennis courts, film screenings and food trucks.

#10      The Staten Island Ferry

What’s the best family deal in NY? It’s a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry! This 25 minute ride offers spectacular views of the lower Manhattan skyline.  During baseball season (April – October) you can take the kids to catch a home game of the Staten Island Yankees   who play nearby.

Things To Do With Kids In NYC

Things To Do With Kids In NYC

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