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Interesting Vacation Homes in NY to Check Out Next Time in the City

New York is one of those locations that offers something new each and every time you visit. There is always a cool, unique locale to discover – and not just in NYC. If you’ve got some summer travel time coming up consider checking out all the state has to offer. There’s a myriad of great vacation rentals at your disposal, and you’re sure to find exactly the kind you and your travel companions are looking for.

1. For the Metropolitans

While NY State has so much more than the Big Apple, you can’t bypass stopping for a night or two in NYC. Whether it’s to check out the tourist’s sites of Times Square and Ellis island, or for a culinary adventure through up and coming neighborhoods, the city is always a great stop. Try checking out some great AirBnbs that are unique and fun – and won’t empty your bank account.

nyc apartments
nyc apartments

2. Luxury Lovers

If you’re looking for more of a pampered experience in the Big Apple, we’ve got you covered here too and not just in the city. Head out to the Adirondacks and consider renting a luxury cabin, or continue even further north to rent a beautiful lake house on Lake Ontario. The activity possibilities are endless, and you won’t sacrifice the comforts your luxury vacation requires.

New York luxury accommodation
New York luxury accommodation

3. Beachgoers Paradise

Perhaps you’re looking for a classic NY beach vacation in the Hamptons. Enjoy great sea food, historic Oceanside towns and the posh environment that attracts so many vacationer’s year after year. Rent a beachfront house and take a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of the city, You’ll rub shoulders with New York’s upper echelons recharging their own batteries.

lake house view nyc
lake house view nyc

4. The Great Outdoors Seeker

If you’re looking for an experience in the great outdoors with the family, Bath NY may be just what you’re looking for. The area offers a wide range of activities, and the Hickory Hill Family Camping Resort offers just the right amount of rustic and comfort – enjoy golfing, hiking, laser tag and finish your day with a massage or body scrub in the resorts in house spa.

nyc bridge
nyc bridge

5. Wine Enthusiasts

Of course you can’t forget the wine offerings in NY State. For those vine enthusiasts looking for a getaway with plenty to do (and taste) a cottage on Finger Lakes is right up your alley. Not only will you be able to sample the delicious wine of the area, but you can also try out the local breweries for artisanal beer and hard cider. And don’t worry, the area also offers plenty of outdoor activities when you need to take a break from imbibing.

6. For the History Buffs

NYC isn’t the only cultural hub of the state; the rich colonial history of New England also can be found in many places here. If you’re a history lover and want to get lost in the heritage of your American roots, head to Lake Champlain to check out the famed Fort Ticonderoga and the Carillon Battlefield Trail. Rent a quaint cabin on the lake to unwind at the end of the day, or take your historical experience to the next level and pitch a tent near the grounds where the battles were fought.

NYC Luxury apartments
NYC Luxury apartments

7. Quirky Adventure Hunters

Maybe you really are just looking for an out of the ordinary holiday experience. These can be found in just about every region in the state. From treehouses and vineyard villas to a tipi on a waterfall near Woodstock, there are plenty of options out there to satisfy your quirky thirst for the strange. You can even ‘glamp’ if you so choose – discovering what strange and interesting options are available will be half the fun in planning your next vacation.

It’s no secret that the Big Apple has tons to offer by way of holiday perks – sites, food, shows etc. – but don’t discount the rest of this grand state. With outdoor offerings, wine, coastline and out of the ordinary experiences, New York State is sure to make both a memorable and extremely fun vacation destination for even the most difficult and picky members of your party.


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