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Why Fast Internet Speeds Matter for NYC Airbnb Hosts

Known as the city that never sleeps, New York City plays host to millions of tourists from across the globe every year. While hotels tend to be the most popular choice when picking accommodation, companies like Airbnb have become increasingly popular for tourists. Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects those who wish to rent out their homes with individuals who are looking for accommodation.

If you’re an Airbnb host, your number one priority should be to ensure that guests are well catered for and have a pleasant stay in your property. With so many people traveling with their laptops and devices, good internet speed is now just as essential as a clean bathroom! Here are a few reasons why fast internet speeds matter and why you should post your internet speeds if you are an Airbnb host in New York City.

Stand Out from the Crowd

With more and more Airbnb hosts popping up in the city, it’s important that you do all that you can to stand out from competitors as this will help you to attract as many guests as possible to your property. When guests are picking accommodation, fast internet speeds are seen more as a necessity, rather than a luxury, therefore, posting your internet speeds shows that you’re honest, transparent, and have the ability to anticipate the questions and needs of your guests.

Streamline Your Communication

No matter where we travel to, good internet access is important. So, to help entice guests to stay in your home, providing your internet details from the get-go will speed up the booking process, meaning that guests won’t have to contact you for further information. Internet details tend to be absent from listings, so it’s best to provide everything your guests need to know from the beginning.

Help the Right Guests Locate You

When it comes to booking guests, it’s important that you find the right match between you, your guests, and the space you provide, helping to ensure that everyone is happy and has a comfortable stay. While your internet speeds may be fine for one guest, others may not be satisfied with what you have to offer.  That’s fine, but it’s best to be upfront to avoid negative reviews that could hamper you in the long term.

Great for Remote Workers

If your home boats the Business Travel Ready Badge, you will be opening your door to a larger demographic of guests. Many people travel to NYC for business, so if you have excellent internet speeds, guests can stay in your property and work remotely without the worry of losing speed. However, while you may think the Business Travel Ready badge may be enough, it doesn’t indicate how fast your internet speed is, so make sure that you include it in your listing.

Finding an Internet Provider

Now you have a better idea on why fast internet speeds matter, it’s important that you pick a provider that is known for fast speeds. Companies like Starry are a great option for internet service in NYC, with no hidden fees or long-term contracts involved. Starry provides 24/7 support and lighting fast internet speeds which your guests can take advantage of.

Why Fast Internet Speeds Matter for NYC Airbnb Hosts

Why Fast Internet Speeds Matter for NYC Airbnb Hosts

No matter who you welcome into your home, it’s important that you have reliable Wi-Fi and fast internet speeds for every kind of traveler. Whether they’re in New York City for business or pleasure, displaying your internet speeds on your listing will help sway guests in the right direction.

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